by Teri Fritsma

Last week, I posted Get a Green Career, Part 1, about O*NET’s report on green occupations.  I’m working on Part 2 of this series (watch for it this week), but I got some good feedback that warrants a quick response.

A number of folks responded by saying, This is all well and good, but how can I actually apply for a green job?  Good question.  Right now, there aren’t any official national or local listings specifically for “green jobs.”  However, you might check out, which offers a searchable list of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) job openings.  (Note: this list includes only government jobs.)  Secondly, you can check out Minnesota’s official ARRA site, which is a clearinghouse of information on ARRA projects in Minnesota.  In the absence of an actual list of job openings, this could help you figure out where some of the ARRA or green employment opportunities will be likely to pop up.  (If you’re not a Minnesotan, find your own state’s official ARRA site here.  Finally, here’s a link to a national private green job board that’s one of the better ones I’ve seen.


Thanks for the questions, and good luck on your green job hunt!


Late update: here’s another great site to check out:  You’ll find links to green job boards as well as news and additional resources.  -tf

4 thoughts on “Can you find and apply for a green job?

  1. Hi Jen,

    You bet. Here are a few links specifically for California green jobs.

    – Like Renuka, you can try America’s Service Locator to find some in-person assistance from career counselors in your area.

    – Here’s the Green Job board in California put out by the same folks I referred to in my reply to Renuka above. There’s a fairly extensive list of openings in California.

    – If you go to the Treehugger job board and enter California in the “Where” field, you’ll come up with several listings. (I count 38 today.)

    – Finally, here’s a publication put out by the Environmental Defense Fund called the “Green Jobs Guidebook: Resource for Jobseekers in California’s New Green Economy.” It looks like a helpful resource for Californians.

    Hope this helps!


  2. Teri,

    I’m in the same boat as Renuka. Do you know of any similar sites for California?




  3. Hi Renuka,

    Thanks for reading Ispeak.

    Here are a couple of resources for you to check out in Virginia. First, you can start by visiting your local One-Stop Center and asking for help with finding a green job. Here’s a link; just type in your zip code in the box on the left and you’ll find the office closest to you:

    Second, here’s a link to Virginia’s official state job bank:

    And finally, here’s a link to a site called Virginia Green Jobs. I haven’t evaluated that site (I can’t find much information on who put it together). But it does list plenty of green job openings in your state.

    Good luck!


  4. I am looking for Green job..please help me with resources…do I need any training…any links to volunteer job in Northern Virginia.



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