by Teri Fritsma

Did you know that the field of renewable energy could add more than a million new jobs by the year 2025?  But what exactly is renewable energy? It’s a broad label that includes energy developed from sustainable sources, such as:


  • Wind
  • Solar (energy from the sun)
  • Geothermal (energy from the heat of the earth)
  • Hydropower (power derived from moving water)
  • Biomass (e.g., wood products or cow manure)
  • Hydrogen (an energy carrier that moves energy from one place to another)


The “renewable energy” label can also include new cleaner techniques in the more traditional forms of energy production, like gas, oil, or coal.  Growth in all these sectors is likely to create demand for both green and traditional workers. 


Interested in exploring opportunities in this area?  Stay tuned for ISEEK’s new section focused on careers in Energy.  The section will include careers in renewable as well as traditional energy fields.  It will debut in early July.