by Teri Fritsma

If you’re out of work, underemployed, or just looking for ways to tighten the belt, be sure to check out this brand new site:  Here’s what Peggy Byrne, the site’s developer (and an unemployed Minnesotan), says about it:


“The purpose of this site is to provide easy user-friendly access with direct linkages to information and services that will help not only the un- and underemployed affected by the economic crisis — but also those working to address their needs. In addition to providing a wealth of information about job search sites, career resources, training and education, the web site also provides valuable and useful linkages to information about housing, health care, food, money, faith-based resources, transportation, bargains and leisure time.
The site was put together with little or no funding.  It was the idea of an unemployed individual (me) who was spending mind numbing hours and hours in front of a computer looking for jobs and resources. I partnered with the JOBS NOW Coalition who provided me with free office space and then put me in touch with Five on Four Web Design. They then designed the site with content that I provided. They have been working free of charge until I am able to raise some money to support the site.”
Counselors, jobseekers, and career explorers will find lots of great stuff here.  Personally, I recommend checking out the Bargains section. 

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  1. Julie,

    Thanks for your response. I think the site’s creator, Peggy Byrne, would be very interested in hearing about what’s missing and perhaps adding those resources. If you email your thoughts to me ( I can forward them to her. Thanks!



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