by Teri Fritsma

With what’s going on in the economy today, more people are seeing the importance of keeping their skills updated.  Staying on top of new trends or technological advances can mean the difference between advancing in your career or stagnating.  And if you do happen to lose your job, refreshing your skill set can make you more marketable, help you transfer into a new line or work, or make your resume stand out from the stack.


Few of us have the time or money to go back to school for years.  But updating your skills doesn’t have to require a long-term commitment.  It could mean taking an online course, completing a non-credit program, a certificate, or earning some other type of credential.


If you’re looking for short-term training, there are two great online search tools available to help you.  First, CareerOneStop just launched its Short-Term Training Finder, which lets you search for training opportunities near you that take less than two years to complete.  You can search by occupation, school, or program anywhere in the United States.  Secondly, ISEEK allows you to find short-term training in Minnesota through its Education Search Tool, which lets you search programs by subject matter, degree offered, or program length.

2 thoughts on “Looking to Quickly Upgrade Your Skills?

  1. Very useful information. I agree that now is the time to go back and invest in yourself and increase your knowledge in an area that will be more resistant to an economic down-turn. Advancing ones education is never a waste of money.


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