by Teri Fritsma

Looking for information about green?  Want to know more about green careers, find a green job, or network with people in green organizations?   Check out this recent blog post to see a pretty darn comprehensive list of 100 green career-related links.

2 thoughts on “100 Green Career Links

  1. Dave,

    New online tools are being developed all the time for people like you who are looking to transfer into “green” careers. If you’re in Minnesota, you can use the Minnesota Job Bank ( to find general green job openings. They have a direct link to “Green Job Openings” on the home page, or you can also do a keyword search.

    If you’re in exploration mode, here’s another tool:

    This tool will tell you how similar your current occupation (Sales) is to other, related occupations. Your results will include a green “flag” for occupations that are expanding or changing in response to the greening of the economy. Plus, the tool offers a link to Minnesota job openings in each occupation. So in theory, you could identify a potential new occupation or occupations, and then view job openings in that occupation using this tool.

    If your goal really is to identify employers who are hiring “green” salespeople, there’s no quick and easy tool for that. The best way to get started there is probably just to do a google search on “green” + your sales specialty area — then search for employers that have those folks on staff. I’d also recommend posting your question to the “Green Careers” group on LinkedIn.

    Hope this helps!


  2. Hello,
    I’m in outside sales and currently unemployed. I thought a good career change from the building industry would be to get into selling green products or renewable energy products. I need help in finding these types of companies.
    Thank you.


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