by Kathy Kirchoff

More college students are becoming interested in clean energy careers largely due to concerns over the environment. Science and engineering are becoming hot topics on campuses. Many students have grown up hearing about our dependency on foreign oil, the war in Iraq, and rising gas prices, and want to be part of changing these issues.


However, there is a shortage of Americans preparing for an energy career. There aren’t enough trained people to do cutting-edge research, yet foreign countries are increasing their alternative energy workforce in both quality and numbers. The United States has been struggling for the last 20 years to produce enough scientists and engineers to meet the demand. The retirement rate of American workers with science and engineering skills is expected to triple over the next 10 years. The majority of students in the science and engineering fields are foreign students, who are increasingly likely to leave the country upon graduation. You could help fill America’s workforce gap in the energy field.


Money is available to create clean energy jobs and pay for training. The Obama administration is spearheading a multibillion dollar push toward clean energy to create millions of U.S. jobs, and wants to double our renewable energy production in three years. Clean energy stimulus investments include a national energy grid, loan guarantees for renewable energy, battery manufacturing, home weatherization, energy efficiency, and expansion of railways. Energy careers could help turn the economy around, and you could be a part of this wave of the future.


Many different, well-paid careers are available in energy. Renewable energy is going to play a bigger role in our energy use over the next generations, and thousands of jobs will be created in fields such as science, engineering, administrative, and marketing. You could have a promising career ahead of you by going into the energy field.


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