by Lisa Thompson

Interested in a green career? Not really sure what that means? Then ISEEK’s new MnGreenCareers website is for you. Explore profiles of green careers, learn about green education, and get the inside scoop on the green job market in Minnesota.


It seems like everywhere you go someone is talking about “going green” these days: recycling, reducing pollution, decreasing energy use, and investing in renewable energy. For some, it’s all about saving the planet. For others, it’s about improving their bottom-line. Whatever your reason, “going green” means new opportunities for Minnesota workers. Read interviews of people in actual green careers.


MnGreenCareers was developed using in-depth research, and green jobs in Minnesota were identified based on whether they have a direct or essential impact on a product, service, or process that results in environmental benefits. Those benefits can come from activities such as:


  • improved energy efficiency
  • creation of renewable fuel or energy
  • reused or recycled materials
  • actions that help protect and conserve the environment
  • manufacturing of green products


Check out and discover if working green is for you.