by Rachel Vilsack

Most online job boards let you search for opportunities from a starting point, like a city or ZIP code, using a job title or description keyword. The search results are a static list of openings, which may raise some questions.  If you’re like me, seeing an address in St. Paul or Minneapolis makes me ask: “Where exactly is that?” And, more importantly, “How will I get there?”


Welcome to Minnesota’s newest labor market information tool—the JobsNearMe viewer, created to better connect Minnesota job seekers with opportunities offered through MinnesotaWorks, the state’s official (and free) job board for job seekers and employers.


To start a job search on JobsNearMe, click on “Jobs” under “Workflow” in the upper left corner. The job locations will be displayed visually on a map. And when you find a job you’re interested in, the tool connects you to the job posting on MinnesotaWorks. The tool also shows you the locations of child care centers, educational institutions, and WorkForce Centers near your home and potential workplace.


One key feature of this new web tool is the ability to find driving directions and public transportation options. Using technology from Google Maps, you can quickly find turn-by-turn driving directions and schedules for bus routes from your home to the job opportunities listed.


Now you can look for jobs in a whole new way!


Rachel Vilsack ( is a regional labor market analyst with the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.