by Lisa Thompson

Did you know that manufacturing accounts for one in every nine jobs in Minnesota? To recognize the value of manufacturing to the state’s economy, iSeek Solutions and partnering agencies will host a free online manufacturing career fair October 24-28 during the 2011 Manufacturing Week.


Students, career changes, and job seekers can connect with industry experts, educators, and businesses to learn about manufacturing education and career options and research manufacturing businesses in Minnesota. Activities during the week will include webinar presentations, meetings, live chats, and discussion forums.


On October 25, the live keynote webinar—“Overview of Minnesota Manufacturing Careers"—will feature a panel of industry experts who will provide valuable insights on manufacturing career trends:


  • How can people prepare for careers in manufacturing?
  • What industry trends should students be aware of?
  • How has the manufacturing environment changed in recent years?
  • How is it likely to change in the next several years?
  • What skills, qualifications, or personal qualities are employers really looking for when they review applicants?


Pre-register for the fair and the keynote webinar at


  • There is no cost to register or attend.
  • Attendees do not need to attend each day or the entire day.
  • Additional live webinars, meetings, and live chats are currently being scheduled and will require registration at a later date. Visit the link above for the most up-to-date event schedule.


The online manufacturing career fair is sponsored by: