Discover Your Inner (Green) Entrepreneur

by Lisa Thompson

Do you have initiative? Do you like learning? Do you like finding innovative ways to solve problems? Then green entrepreneurship might be for you! The green market offers untapped potential for those willing to pursue their business ideas dauntlessly. And, as an emerging market, there is a lot of room for new businesses.


There are a lot of different approaches to green entrepreneurship, but many try to solve old problems in new ways. This may involve:


  • reducing pollution or energy use
  • generating energy from renewable sources
  • creating products that use natural or fewer resources than conventional products


Starting your own business can be challenging and rewarding. Listen to what two green entrepreneurs—a solar panel installer and an energy-efficient schools program innovator—have to say about their business strategy and mindset:


Can't see the video? Watch it on Vimeo.


Being a “green” entrepreneur requires you to have the same basic skills as any entrepreneur. It’s also vital that you seek out the training and credentials you need and make sure your business meets regulatory requirements. In new and emerging fields, this can be a challenge because there aren’t always established training programs, and regulatory requirements can change.


Want to learn more? Visit the new green entrepreneurship section on ISEEK’s Green Careers website to:



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