Five Growing Positions in Facility Management

by Ashley Halligan

Facility management positions are becoming more and more in-demand as baby boomers retire, and as an emphasis on sustainability and sophisticated technologies grows. The fact is, facility and maintenance management are changing — and rapidly. Facilities are seeking various roles that require specialized degrees and professional certifications.


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Sustainable Careers for Women

by Oriane Casale

“The green economy rewards innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurism. New ways of thinking about everyday products, processes, and services make for great opportunities for women to not only find new jobs, but also turn their ideas into businesses and create jobs for others.” Do you see yourself in this quote? If so, you might want to check out a few resources that are now available.


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What Does Your Job Pay?

by Nicholas Dobbins

If you’re interested in exploring different career possibilities, you’re probably already familiar with the most popular career search tools and strategies. You’ve been through the information on the ISEEK website, you network, and you’ve likely explored other careers sites, like LinkedIn and You may be curious about some details about jobs those tools can’t always give you, namely how many people work in a given job, or how much a career generally pays. For this type of information, there’s another resource you might find valuable: Minnesota’s Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) program.


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Money Talks

by Cameron Macht

In a labor force assessment conducted in Central and Southwest Minnesota, respondents were asked their primary consideration for choosing a job. Not surprisingly, the most important factor reported was pay. Other factors were also important, like better benefits (health insurance, life insurance, 401k or retirement plans), better utilization of skills, more job security, or a better working environment.


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Job Vacancies on the Rise

March 9, 2012

At the end of 2011, Minnesota employers reported nearly 50,000 job openings, almost 50 percent more than one year ago. There are approximately 2 job openings for every 100 jobs in Minnesota. While the number of vacancies has increased, labor market conditions remain challenging for job seekers. Statewide, there were 3.2 unemployed people for each vacancy during the fourth quarter of 2011.  


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Minnesota Launches Unique Career Website for ABE Students

by Abbey Lang

Cycling between unemployment and low-paying jobs is an issue that Adult Basic Education (ABE) students often deal with. To help ABE students and other job seekers understand how creating goals positively influences all aspects of one’s life, several Minnesota agencies collaborated to create the MyMnCareers website.


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