by Kathy Kirchoff

Are you looking for a job that fits your life and work needs, offers advancement opportunities and better pay? Then you need to match your interests and goals to Minnesota’s high-paying and in demand jobs, many of which offer the career advancement you desire when making a career choice or re-focusing your career goals.


Some of the top paying occupations for women include: physicians and surgeons, anesthesiologists, lawyers, computer and information systems managers, pharmacists, human resource managers, computer software engineers, management analysts, chief executive officers, speech pathologists, marketers, and computer scientists and system analysts. These careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) offer excellent opportunities for women.


According to one report, 70 percent of all jobs in Minnesota in 2018 will require some postsecondary education beyond high school, but not all good paying jobs require a four-year degree. Registered nurses, paralegal, teacher’s assistant, graphic designer, dental hygienist, or media specialist require an associate degree.  Many non-traditional occupations such as detectives, chiropractors, barbers, clergy, pilots, sheet metal workers, construction, electricians, pipe fitters, masonry, and production workers also offer good opportunities for women.  


Self-employment may be a good fit for your career and life goals. You might find the opportunities you’re looking for in federal government, post-secondary education, global business development, behavioral and physical therapy, research, healthcare, and veterinary science.


Women make up over half of the workforce in Minnesota, and many women are the primary bread winners for their families. In their professional life, they want to feel valued and respected, to make difference, and want a position that offers flexibility for home and caretaking obligations. Women also seek equal pay and consideration for jobs and promotions. Companies are beginning to change in order to retain the large talent pool women offer by serving their employment needs better. And women may want to seek out companies whose policies best support their priorities.