by Kathy Kirchoff

You may think it’s too soon for career planning, or that it doesn’t matter, but you will spend a large amount of your adult life at work. Creating a career plan can help ensure you’re doing something you like. 


Why it Matters

Your future happiness may depend on job satisfaction. Without a plan:

  • You may waste a lot of time in unsatisfying jobs. Take some time now to learn what your interests are so you can stay on track and make good choices for your life, your education, and your work.
  • You won’t know the types of jobs that pay what you need to live the way you like. Learn about how much it takes to live.
  • You might ignore important skills sets. The world of work is changing quickly, with increasing technology. Those with the right skills will be in demand, and often have more job security.
  • You might have a hard time getting on the right track. It’s tough to return to school as an older adult. There is much to consider when deciding to go back to school, especially when you have many other commitments and expenses.


Benefits of Early Planning

Career planning doesn’t have to include a traditional four-year degree, but training beyond high school will be a necessity for future workers. School counselors and your parents can help guide and support you with your career plan. Other reasons to plan early are:

  • You will be able to take advantage of career planning activities offered by your school as early as in middle school. It’s never too early to start career planning.
  • High school and middle schools offer the chance to join clubs related to your interests that may help steer you towards a career you would like. Volunteering, job shadowing, and part-time work opportunities related to your interests will also let you see what a day on the job might be like before making career decisions.
  • School is expensive. You may save on the cost by taking courses while still in high school within your career pathway that may transfer, so you can get through school and into the workforce faster.
  • Opportunities to make more money are greater with a career plan that includes training beyond high school.


Don’t leave your future to chance. Make career planning a priority in your life. Explore careers and plan your education today