by Cameron Macht

High school and college students and young workers just starting out in your careers: have you ever wondered which industries you might be most likely to find work? When planning you career, you may want to look at where the older workers are. As these workers begin retiring, you and other young workers may be able to fill in the gaps.  About 19 percent of Minnesota’s workforce is age 55 and over, or 483,000 workers, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. 


Four industries have one-fourth of their workforces age 55 and over, or within 10 years of retirement age: educational services (26.4 percent), transportation and warehousing (26.1 percent), public administration (25.4 percent), and utilities (24.0 percent). 


Percentage of Minnesota Workers Age 55 and Over


For young workers, these industries may provide stable, long-term career opportunities – perhaps as a teacher, truck driver, law clerk, or wastewater treatment plant operator – though most will require specific education or training. Researching these career clusters will show the types of jobs available and the training needed.


Replacing workers who retire – or otherwise leave their profession – will create many job opportunities in Minnesota. New employment projections from Minnesota’s Labor Market Information Office estimate that there will be over 663,000 replacement openings across the state between 2010 and 2020.