by Denise Felder

Do you need more technical skills to get noticed by employers? Is your lack of computer skills keeping you from moving ahead at work? Would you be more confident with stronger math or writing skills?


Taking a few online tutorials or courses might help you move from an employer’s rejection pile to new employee status. Many trainings are offered online for no charge.


Subjects include:

  • A+ Certification
  • ACT prep
  • Adobe Flash
  • Algebra
  • Chemistry
  • Computer skills for the workplace
  • Grammar
  • JavaScript
  • Math (basic)
  • MS Windows
  • Social networking
  • Touch typing and keypad use


Check out this list of updated free online trainings (pdf) for computer skills and academic refreshers for job seekers of all ages.


It’s important to research training providers and types of training to make sure the training fits your needs. If you are considering online training, you might want to assess whether online learning is right for you.


In addition, many local libraries, community organizations, and Minnesota WorkForce Centers offer free or low-fee computer training and other classes for job seekers.