by Rachel Vilsack

A few years ago my mom, who was unemployed at the time, took a part-time job at a local department store during the holiday season. This job didn’t pay as much as the job she was laid off from and the hours were not her preference. However, the job was a great fit for my mom’s skill set, particularly her communication and customer service expertise, and it provided some much needed income during the holidays. Today, my mom still works at that department store.  Her temporary job turned into a permanent one; she’s now a manager.


There are many seasonal industries in Minnesota, including retail, customer service, recreation (think ski resorts and other winter activities), and transportation. Examples of seasonal jobs include:


While these jobs might not match your ideal career goal, there are many benefits to working in a seasonal job, including:

  • Keeping your skills up-to-date or avoid gaps in your work history
  • Test driving a job or explore a new industry
  • Additional income
  • Making new friends (and networking connections)


With retail establishments and other seasonal businesses hiring for the holiday season, there may be many opportunities to find a temporary position. You never know if this opportunity will lead to your next job, like it did for my mom!