Health Care Jobs Dominate Southeast Minnesota Growth

by Brent Pearson

The eleven-county area of southeast Minnesota is projected expand its labor market by 14 percent by the year 2020. The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development’s Labor Market Information Office projects that employment across all industries in southeast Minnesota will rise to nearly 292,000 jobs during that time.


Over half of those new jobs will be in the education and health services sector, with a projected increase of 18,488 jobs, or a 30 percent growth rate. Trade, transportation and utilities (5,506 jobs), professional and business services (3,383 jobs), and construction (2,954 jobs) are all expected to grow substantially, in line with statewide growth projections.



While not adding the greatest number of new jobs, construction is projected to have the highest growth rate (40 percent). Education and health services—led by a projected increase of 9,965 jobs (36.5 percent increase) in ambulatory health care services, and 7,082 new jobs (31.5 percent increase) in offices of physicians—is projected to be the second fastest growing employment sector. Jobs in home health care services and community care facilities for the elderly are projected to increase 120.2 percent and 70.5 percent, respectively.


Manufacturing is only projected to grow by 3.8 percent (approximately 1,350 jobs). Within this sector, the fastest growth is projected in chemical manufacturing (53.9 percent)—but this accounts for less than 100 new jobs.  Machinery manufacturing and fabricated metal product manufacturing are projected to add 1,420 new jobs to the region, with a combined growth rate of 20 percent.


Some of the projected fastest-growing occupations in southeast Minnesota include:


Remember that employment changes depend on the demand for goods and services, productivity advances, technological innovations, and shifts in business practices. These are often trends that analysts cannot predict.  Researching industries (and occupations) before making a career decision is important.


Explore more on the Southeast Minnesota regional career website.


Brent Pearson is a regional analyst for the Labor Market Information Office at the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.


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