A Good Gamble?

by Cameron Macht

Casinos are a source of entertainment for many people in Minnesota and a great source of employment for many others. There were nearly 8,750 jobs at casinos across Minnesota during the second quarter of 2012.


Getting a job at a casino might seem like a gamble, but casinos were actually one of the first industries to see renewed hiring after the recession in 2010, and turned out to a relatively safe employment bet over the last five years. While the state’s economy cut nearly 115,000 jobs between second quarter 2007 and second quarter 2009, a 4.2 percent decline; casinos lost just 266 jobs, a 3.1 percent drop. From 2009 to 2010, employment at casinos jumped 5.0 percent. Casinos enjoyed a small bump in jobs in the last year as well, and provide more jobs today than they did five years ago.


On the Job

While hitting the jackpot may seem difficult, getting a job at a casino doesn’t need to be. The 10 largest employing occupations at casinos include:


In fact, many of these professions require only on-the-job training and/or related work experience, making them an ideal starting point for many job seekers. Gaming dealers, gaming change persons, and gaming cage workers all require short-term on-the-job training, and pay a median wage of about $11.50 per hour. Other high-paying casino jobs include gaming supervisors, who earn a median hourly wage of almost $16.00, and security guards who earn about $13.50.


Though the jobs don’t require formal training, they do require integrity, attention to detail, and frequent contact with others. Most casino jobs thrive on teamwork and cooperation, while also offering some freedom to make decisions in resolving conflicts or dealing with the public. You can learn more about the typical work activities, working conditions, and skills needed for casino gaming workers at ISEEK.


A quick search of MinnesotaWorks.net (the state’s free online job bank) for the keyword “casino” yields more than 110 current openings, including shuttle drivers, gaming dealers, security guards, cooks, bartenders, and supervisors. All of these occupations have a high level of social interaction.


Spreading the Wealth

Casino jobs are spread throughout the state of Minnesota, with the largest numbers located in the Central (2,914 jobs), Northwest (2,355 jobs), Northeast (1,672 jobs), and Southeast (1,435 jobs) regions, with smaller numbers in the Southwest (367 jobs) and the Twin Cities (718 jobs) regions. In some counties, casinos are the largest employers and represent the largest employing industry. Casinos also have an economic and social impact on the surrounding American Indian reservations and communities, as reported in a recent series of articles on casinos in Minnesota.


If you’re interested in a fast-paced, detail-oriented occupation that puts you in contact with a lot of people, a casino might be a good employment bet!


One thought on “A Good Gamble?

  1. Phill January 7, 2013 / 3:01 pm

    I enjoyed the article, but found the correlation (not causation) between the economy declining and the need for gambling staff increasing most interesting.
    Very interesting to know that it is the largest employer in some counties too!
    Thanks for the Info!


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