by Caleb Werth

Are you a job seeker or student who’s interested in learning how to move into an energy-related industry in Minnesota?


ISEEK has a one-stop shop for energy career information through a feature called Minnesota Energy Career Paths. You can view a “map” of each industry to learn about all the careers that exist within a particular field. Learn about the specifics, including job titles, wages, education and training requirements, and skills needed to successfully perform job duties.  The industry areas include:

  • Commercial Energy Efficiency
  • Electric Power Transmission & Distribution
  • Ethanol
  • Ground Source Heat
  • Residential Energy Efficiency
  • Solar Electric
  • Solar Heating and Cooling
  • Wind

You can also use these Minnesota-specific online tools to compare two careers side-by-side to find out how you might move up the career ladder within an industry. Use the tools to view education and training requirements for each career.


Start your tour through the energy careers paths right now: