by Denise Felder

It’s hard to avoid using a computer when applying for most jobs. Many companies require a person either complete an application on the company website, or use an on-site computer kiosk instead of filling out a paper application. Making mistakes when completing an online application could keep you from getting an interview.


Job seekers who are uncomfortable using computers should practice filling out online applications before submitting a real application on an employer’s website. Most online job applications ask you to input similar information. So, using a practice online application can help you get comfortable with the form. Set a timer to see how long it takes you to complete the application. The practice online application is safe and private – it does not save your personal information. Click “print” at the end of the application if you want a copy.


The practice application is a part of the STEP AHEAD web site.


Some additional tips for filling out onling job applications:

  • Only apply for positions you really want. The employer’s computer system knows how many jobs you apply for.
  • To help remember details, use a personal data record or a copy of a job application (pdf) that has details of your prior employment, including dates of employment, employer’s names, addresses, phone numbers, and contact information for your references.
  • Finish the application as accurately and quickly as possible. The time it takes to complete your application might be included in your application record.


A job application is like a first impression on paper or online. It’s your chance to tell employers that you have the skills they need. Make sure this first impression is as positive as possible.


4 thoughts on “‘Fake’ Online Application Helps Job Seekers Practice

  1. Very helpful tool to use as part of a job search. I used while doing job readiness training with teenagers and it was helpful for them to actually go through the process of completing an application. Many thought that they were ready to go but learned a lot from actually completing it and seeing mistakes that they had made. There are a lot of little mistakes that anybody could make and this tool is a great way to catch them before they happen with a real job opportunity on the line.


  2. Thanks for your comments. We've heard from many job seekers and career advisers that this is a needed tool.
    If you know of job seekers who neeed to practice filling out online job applications, please spread the word about this form on STEP AHEAD.
    Thanks, Denise


  3. Using a practice online application seems like a nice way to introduce the concept of applying to job to those who are just entering the workforce and those that have not applied for a job in a while.  Allowing individuals to get comfortable with the format of the questions they may be asked and think about appropriate answers before completing a real application may improve their skills and ability to yield job interviews.


  4. I feel that this is a really great idea when job seekers are applying for different jobs. Last fall, I was really getting burnt out from my job and was applyng online at 40-50 different jobs per week. I found that one of the most common mistakes I made was applying for the same job twice… or not saving my username ID and password when applying for certain companies. I ended up sibmitting multiple applications for the same job at the same companies. I would find this out after applying and receiving a confirmation email. I think that it is beneficial if people keep word documents of what jobs they applied to and where at. Then they won't double up on where aplications are submitted, and be able to send out even more applications to jobs. I also think it's a great idea for people to write up summaries of their answers to questions. Then they have well thought out answers that are more gripping to those who are reviewing their application.


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