Get Your Motor Running

by Cameron Macht

Jobseekers looking for an opportunity in manufacturing might get energized by the electrical equipment, appliance, and component manufacturing sector. This sector includes motor and generator manufacturing, relay and industrial control manufacturing, and wiring device manufacturing. According to DEED’s employment and wage data, there are 141 firms providing more than 8,750 jobs in the sector in Minnesota, with average annual wages of just over $58,600 in 2012. They have been hiring a lot in the last year – adding more than 360 net new jobs from 2011 to 2012.


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Serving Our Troops

by Princess Fanning

I recently attended the Veterans Career Fair sponsored by DEED. Many vets have been away from home for so long it actually takes a while for some to readjust to living like an everyday person again. And it can be discouraging for some veterans who come back from combat or serving overseas and can’t find a job. This Career Fair gives those veterans an opportunity to network and find job leads to further their opportunities.


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Serve Youth: Be a Reading Tutor

by Dean Sorenmann

A shortfall of direct service with youth remains one of my community’s toughest problems.  Two years ago, as I was working on hiring a youth coordinator, my wife asked what I was going to do to serve youth directly.  Honestly, she caught me off guard.  Later, she discovered Minnesota Reading Corps and brought it to my attention.  “Dear,” she said, “why not tutor kids to read?”  I accepted the challenge and signed up for one year of service.


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Health Care: It’s More Than Just Doctors and Dentists

by Jan Saxhaug

In Northeast Minnesota, health care is big business. The region is home to Essentia Health and St. Luke’s. Essentia’s network extends throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and even into Idaho, while St. Luke’s has grown from a single hospital to a network of 38 primary and specialty clinics throughout Northeastern Minnesota, Northwestern Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Duluth, in particular, has cultivated a strong healthcare cluster that has influence throughout the upper Midwest.


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How to Leave a Job on Good Terms

by Goodwill Easter Seals ReEntry Services

You have just received word that you got a new job. It might be the next step on your path to your dream job, or maybe you want to explore other opportunities. You might be wondering how to break the news to your current employer. The following steps will help you leave a job properly in order to make sure that you receive a good reference for future jobs.


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