Skills for Work

by Princess Fanning

There are many skills a person can learn while working in a business environment. Here are a few skills that you should have when beginning a job or develop while you work.


1. Communication skills – These skills – including verbal, written, and listening – help you to convey your message at work. It shows that you are focused and committed to what you are doing. This is an important skill in the work environment and it helps you get through everyday life.

2. People skills – Demonstrating these skill lets your employer know that you adapt well in different settings. It shows you can handle conflict and are open to trying new ideas and working with people of diverse backgrounds.  You need people skills to work in a team or be a leader.

3. Planning and organizing skills – This skill is very important, especially if working in an office setting or with a large department or business, where you must plan, design, or implement projects within a limited time frame. It shows how well you can get a task done either under pressure or with your own creativity.

4. Professionalism – Being able to change your appearance and adjust to something new that you’re not accustomed to shows that you have greater potential to go places in the world. Professionalism is something you have to be prepared to learn because without this skill you won’t fit well in a business setting. This doesn’t mean you aren’t capable, but in order to “fit” into a business setting you have to carry yourself in a professional manner.

5. Commitment – You want your employer to know that you’re there for a reason, that you like what you do, and that you plan to contribute to the business. When working in any business setting it’s best to work somewhere that you enjoy and look forward to participating in.


Princess Fanning is a part of the STEP-UP Achieve program with a summer internship in the Labor Market Information Office and Workforce Development Division at the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. 


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