A New Way to Get There

by Kathy Kirchoff

With the high cost of tuition and the need for a skilled workforce now and in the future, many people are looking for flexible, lower cost options to get training quickly. Using a combination of credit for prior learning, transferring credits, accelerated learning, and online learning can help you save time and money on your way to getting a degree.


What is credit for prior learning? It’s getting college credit for what you already know. You receive course credits toward your degree for related courses, work, or other experience. Credit for prior learning is based on assessment testing, and can save you time that you might otherwise have spent taking unnecessary courses. There are many different ways to obtain credit for prior learning, including some while still in high school.


How do you transfer credits? Take advantage of course credits you’ve already earned. Transfer means that you get college credit for courses you took at a college other than the one you’re currently attending.  Transferring credits is subject to each institution’s discretion, and saves on the cost of taking repeated coursework – both in time and money.


How do accelerated learning programs work? Students complete a degree in as little as two years by taking extended evening or weekend classes geared to their individualized learning program. Coursework is more rigorous in these programs. Financial aid is available.


Online learning is very flexible and allows you to learn at your own pace, on your schedule, and outside of a classroom. Online tuition fees often cost less, and you can complete coursework faster, too.


Consider and take advantage of these options to gain skills in a short period of time at an affordable price.


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