by Goodwill Easter Seals ReEntry Services

You have just received word that you got a new job. It might be the next step on your path to your dream job, or maybe you want to explore other opportunities. You might be wondering how to break the news to your current employer. The following steps will help you leave a job properly in order to make sure that you receive a good reference for future jobs.


  • Give at least two weeks’ notice. Be sure to tell your boss you are leaving before you tell any of your coworkers. Find out if the Human Resource office has a procedure to follow. For instance, some companies require written notice, like a signed letter or email indicating your last day of employment.


  • Tell your coworkers. Make sure they are prepared for your leaving. It is good to provide your contact information so your boss or coworkers can get in touch with you in the future if they need or want to.


  • Complete all your work. Finish all the projects you have been working on. This will help the person who replaces you as well as help you maintain a good reputation.


  • Ask for an exit interview. During this interview, thank your boss for all the opportunities the company has given you. Discuss what you have learned and how it will help you in the future.


This article is a part of the STEP AHEAD Workbook (pdf), a collaboration of Goodwill/Easter Seals of Minnesota and ISEEK.STEP AHEAD helps job seekers with felony convictions and other criminal charges know their work options, set goals, get training, and be successful in their job search.