by Princess Fanning

You never know how much you’ve grown until you actually reflect on your experience and see how far you’ve come. I learned many new skills while working with the Labor Market Information Office and the Workforce Development Division at DEED this summer.


workTime management was important, especially in the morning. (I had to make sure I didn’t oversleep and caught the bus on time!)  Attention to detail is a very valuable skill to have. To focus on a task takes patience. When entering data I had to really pay attention to what I was putting into the database. I had to be very accurate; one mistake could be crucial to the people who depended on what I was doing! Networking is another big skill I developed. Before I started working I’ve never networked professionally. The chance to engage in conversations with people lets you sell your skills to employers and shows them you’re a great candidate for the job.

What I liked most about my summer job experience were the people. My co-workers were very welcoming. If I needed assistance, they were right there to guide me and didn’t mind taking time to teach me. I really enjoyed everything about the job, but I would say that the people had the most effect on me.

I plan to take what I learned here and use it to my advantage in life.  I believe this opportunity prepared me because I know when I go to another job I won’t feel nervous. You might think to yourself that you won’t fit in or measure up. One thing I know for sure is I’ll never feel discouraged about getting a job, even if I don’t get hired. This job was great preparation, and my co-workers offered advice on how to find work. I know I have the potential to be anything!


Princess Fanning is a part of the STEP-UP Achieve program with a summer internship in the Labor Market Information Office and Workforce Development Division at the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.