Discussing Your Conviction Record in a Job Interview

by Goodwill Easter Seals ReEntry Services

A criminal record will make some parts of the job search different than it is for job seekers who don’t have a criminal record. Your record will come up at different points during the search, including during a job interview. The following tips will help you practice how to disclose your criminal background if asked about it by a potential employer.


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Job Vacancies Show Further Evidence of Labor Market Recovery

by Oriane Casale

Second quarter 2013 job vacancy survey results support other evidence –  job growth, falling unemployment and strong Gross Domestic Product growth, for example – that the labor market has finally recovered from the Great Recession. At 72,570, the number of Minnesota vacancies was higher than any time since 2001, and the ratio of unemployed to job openings was down to 2.1 unemployed per vacancy.  This matches the ratio during second quarter 2007, just before the economy fell into recession and the unemployment rate spiked at the same time that hiring dropped off.  This ratio rose as high as 8.2 unemployed per vacancy during fourth quarter 2009, the peak of the recession as far as job seekers in Minnesota were concerned.


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