by Joe McKenzie

My ever-growing professional network contains unique individuals. Some of my relationships are those I’m currently working on strengthening; others I’m simply maintaining. Regardless of the status of relationships, the overall value of the network I’ve been growing for over 20 years is comparable to a bar of gold.


scaleFortunately, the value of my network isn’t subject to the whims of the economic downturns that occurred in the last ten years. I have been able to rely on my network to help me increase sales and develop new business activity. I have also relied on my connections to help me through periods of career transition. In return, I’ve reciprocated whenever appropriate and experienced great satisfaction when I was able to help others. In short, the connections I have made have enriched my life in many ways.

But too many times in today’s networking environment, we forget to take the simple step of acknowledging someone who has helped us in some way. When someone in your network plays an important part in your professional life, don’t forget to make time to thank that person in a genuine way, and reciprocate whenever possible.

Here are just some of the ways I recognize people in my network:

  • Pick up the phone and thank them.
  • Send a meaningful hand written thank-you note.
  • Next time that you meet them for lunch or coffee, pick up their tab.

When thinking of ways to recognize the people in your network, remember to keep it simple, be genuine, and find ways to show your appreciation on a regular basis.


Joe McKenzie is a Professional Networking Coach, Speaker and Owner at Ripple Connects, Inc.