Connect with IT Jobs at Rochester Career Fair

by Rachel Vilsack A career fair for people who want to learn about employment opportunities in the IT and high-tech fields is set for Tuesday, Nov. 5 at Rochester Community and Technical College. The career fair is aimed at those considering a career in the high-tech or IT field, including college or high school students. … Continue reading Connect with IT Jobs at Rochester Career Fair

Gearing Up for a Career in Manufacturing

 by Rachel Vilsack If you think manufacturing is just production jobs, think again! Manufacturing in Minnesota also includes careers in engineering, logistics and distribution, maintenance and repair, and business, management and administration. Manufacturing facilities are often great places to work; they are clean, bright, and have amazing high-tech equipment. Here are 10 jobs you’ll find … Continue reading Gearing Up for a Career in Manufacturing

Just the Facts…on Manufacturing in Minnesota

by Rachel Vilsack This week we celebrate Minnesota Manufacturers Week. Just how important is this industry to Minnesota? Consider this: Minnesota is a manufacturing powerhouse. Minnesota is home to several Fortune 500 manufacturing companies: 3M, Medtronic, General Mills, Land O'Lakes, Mosaic, Hormel Foods, Ecolab and St. Jude Medical. Minnesota is also internationally known for producing medical … Continue reading Just the Facts…on Manufacturing in Minnesota

The Impact of Retail Trade in Southwest Minnesota

by Cameron Macht and Brent Pearson While it doesn’t enjoy the same workforce and economic development focus that the larger health care and manufacturing industries do, retail trade is a popular employment option because it offers flexible work conditions, a variety of challenges, has regular vacancies, and accommodates many kinds of skills.   In 2012 … Continue reading The Impact of Retail Trade in Southwest Minnesota

Counting Temporary Workers

by Rachel Vilsack The Employment Services sector, which includes job placement and temporary staffing agencies, is often a leading indicator of economic trends. Firms experiencing downturns in business demand before a  recession may lay off temp workers before cutting permanent staff. Then, as business conditions improve, temp agency employment  increases as firms slowly increase their … Continue reading Counting Temporary Workers

Working Behind the Scenes

by Cameron Macht Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services is one of the fastest growing and highest paying industry sectors in Minnesota. However, like the work these consultants perform, much of this growth happened behind the scenes.   The Industry After expanding almost 40 percent over the last decade, there are now nearly 3,100 Management, … Continue reading Working Behind the Scenes