by Tim O’Neill

Hiring demand is up in Northwest Minnesota! During the second quarter of 2013, employers in this region reported a total of 7,900 job vacancies—up nearly 50 percent since the second quarter of 2011. In fact, this is the second-highest number of job vacancies reported in the region since 2001. These 7,900 vacancies translate into a job vacancy rate of 3.7 percent, which means that there were approximately 3.7 job openings per 100 jobs in the region. Jobseekers will find a higher concentration of job opportunities here than in most other regions. (Only Northeast Minnesota had a higher job vacancy rate, at 3.8 percent.)

signDespite the growing number of job openings, jobseekers continue to outnumber openings in Northwest Minnesota. There were 2.2 unemployed persons for each vacancy during the second quarter of 2013. However, the ratio of unemployed persons to vacancy is substantially lower than in recent years.  (For example, there were 4.8 unemployed persons for each vacancy in 2010.)

The characteristics of these job openings provide a more complete picture of regional opportunities. About half of the vacancies reported in Northwest Minnesota were part-time, and about one third were temporary or seasonal. In terms of educational requirements, 29 percent of all vacancies require some  post-secondary education; however, requirements vary a lot by occupation. For instance, nearly all (97 percent) of the vacancies reported in healthcare practitioner and technical occupations require some post-secondary education, while only 18 percent of office and administrative support occupations require post-secondary education. 

The top 10 occupations with the most openings in Northwest Minnesota include:

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