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Whether you’re a student, job seeker, or just someone thinking about your career direction, there’s a new resource for you. Visit the Career Exploration and Student Success Toolkit to learn more about yourself and find careers that are a good fit for your skills and interests.


This free, publicly available online toolkit is organized into a five-step exploration process:

Step 1. Assess Yourself. Learn more about your interests, skills, work values, and personality—and especially how these can fit in to the world of work.

Step 2. Explore Careers. Learn more about a variety of careers, including the outlook for employment, wages, training, and skills.

Step 3. Create a Plan and Set Goals. Learn to set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely (SMART!), so you can be successful in your career plans.

Step 4. Acquire and Expand Skills for Success. Learn how to prepare for tests, manage your time, create and follow a budget, and more.

Step 5. Find a Job. Be more successful in your job search. Learn how to improve your resume, grow a network, build an online presence, and more.

Counselors can also use the toolkit for individual advising or in classroom and workshop settings. The site includes national and state resources for veterans and other groups.

The Career Exploration and Student Success Toolkit is produced by iSeek Solutions, and funded by the Health Professions Pathways Consortium and launched in January 2014. The Toolkit can be found at:


Jamie Buss ( is the Industry Projects Coordinator at iSeek Solutions.  


4 thoughts on “Career Exploration and Student Success

  1. This was very helpful!!! Learning more about my interests, skills, values, and personality is invaluable for career exploration.


  2. I think this is great, and for the majority of the populace this would help individuals achieve their goals. I just think that maybe step two doesn’t necessarily have to exist. Do what you love, become an expert in it, and all of a sudden you’re marketable. See Scott Dinsmore’s TED talk:


  3. Career exploration and student success toolkit is a good source for planning one’s future career. The five-steps exploration process provide a roadmap in planning and making a decision with regard to career choice. It is a very good link to explore career opportunities and how one can find and achieve his/her career dream.


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