by Denise Felder —

College students and workers looking for well-paying health care positions can use the trusted information in the Career Exploration and Student Success Toolkit, the Virtual Career Network, and the Job Seekers Guide in all stages of their job search. These three career exploration resources are produced by partners in the Health Professions Pathways (H2P) Project.

healthcareNew and experienced job seekers can follow these five steps to finding the right job in health care.

1. Get Started

2. Market Yourself

3. Build Your Network

4. Find Job Openings

5. Know How to Interview

At any point in your job search, you can get support in person from a career advisor or success coach at your college or local American Job Center.

3 thoughts on “How to Search for Health Care Positions

  1. Great information. Awesome information for those just about or already have started the job search. Insightful and very enlightening as to how to properly prepare for the job market.


  2. This is a great rubric to get someone started in their job search. I appreciated that you highlighted the importance of marketing yourself and networking with others in the business. So often job search websites offer information about education and skills necessary for the job, but the importance of presenting yourself professionally is sometimes lost in the plethora of information.


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