Finding Success and Honor in a New Career

Middle-age has a way of sneaking up on you. All of the sudden you realize your hair is a bit grayer, your waistline a bit bigger, and the career you thought you wanted is not going in the direction you had hoped. Some try to recapture their youth with new cars, clothes and makeovers. Others go on a trip hoping to find inspiration and adventure, while others simply accept an unfulfilling career. None of those was an option for me!

Don’t Mess With a Theater Tech

Diane, the Fringe Festival Theater Technician assigned to my venue, had a definitive no-nonsense demeanor; one hand on the light-board controls and one on her stopwatch. Time was of the essence, and I only had a few hours to get my show to pass her standards or the show would not go on. At the other Minnesota Fringe Festival venues in Minneapolis, similar conversations take place every year. Each performance venue has its own theater technician laying down the law and making sure things run smoothly.