Finding Success and Honor in a New Career

by Lora Foremen-Krall ~

Middle-age has a way of sneaking up on you.

All of the sudden you realize your hair is a bit grayer, your waistline a bit bigger, and the career you thought you wanted is not going in the direction you had hoped.  Some try to recapture their youth with new cars, clothes and makeovers. Others go on a trip hoping to find inspiration and adventure, while others simply accept an unfulfilling career. None of those was an option for me!

Gray hair signified the wisdom life has given me. My waistline: a sedentary job. And as for my career — you’re never too old to try something new!

I wanted to do some form of public service, but stay close to home. I found an opportunity with Minnesota Reading Corps to serve children who needed support to succeed in school. Continue reading

Don’t Mess With a Theater Tech

by Jared Reise ~

“Um… you can’t do that.”

12s05jc072Diane, the Fringe Festival Theater Technician assigned to my venue, had a definitive no-nonsense demeanor; one hand on the light-board controls and one on her stopwatch. Time was of the essence, and I only had a few hours to get my show to pass her standards or the show would not go on.

“It’s not really duct tape, so it won’t tear at anything,” I explained. Diane had halted my ingenuity and dynamic vision as a theatre artist. She was about to ruin everything. But surely, my little show about three guys who wake up in a can of oatmeal could get away with a little tape on the wall.

“Doesn’t matter,” Diane replied. “No tape along the back wall.” I had to respect her responsibilities to the theater. She has to run a dozen other performance groups like mine with similar “challenges” through the gauntlet. But Diane was about to bring reality crashing down into our oatmeal madness.

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