Paper Manufacturing a Cut Above the Rest in Northeast MN

by Cameron Macht ~

Northeast Minnesota has the smallest number and concentration of manufacturing jobs in the state, but still has 8,905 jobs at 355 manufacturing establishments, accounting for 6.3% of total regional employment in 2013.

The Arrowhead has just 3% of the manufacturing jobs in the state, but has almost one-fourth of Minnesota’s employment in the Paper Manufacturing sector. With 2,321 jobs at 9 establishments, Paper Manufacturing is easily the largest sector in Northeast Minnesota, accounting for 23.6% of the 9,855 jobs in Paper Manufacturing statewide.

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Skilled Trades That Allow You to Travel

by Monica Gomez ~

You might think that finding a job that allows you the freedom to travel requires a four-year degree, or even a more advanced education. However, there is good news for those who are interested in working in a hands-on environment. Skilled-trades workers have a number of opportunities to travel for their job. And these jobs often do not require a degree.

Here are just some of the blue-collar jobs that allow you to travel for work.

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Better Data on High-School-to-College-Transitions with SLEDS

by Rachel Vilsak ~

How many students at public Minnesota high schools are prepared for postsecondary education? Do these students attend college? If so, do they complete a certificate or degree?

Data to answer questions such as these will play a key role in informing Minnesotans about how students are doing, and direct efforts to open up higher education opportunities for everyone.

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Paying it Forward to Our Veterans

by Gina Sobania ~

Over the last 11 years, I have been afforded the opportunity to present and interact with thousands of Veterans, Servicemembers and their families. I always start my presentations by stating that I have not served in the military, but that I am a proud daughter of a Vietnam Veteran.

I work weekends, evenings and even holidays because I am paying it forward for my Dad. He never received the welcome home, resources and supports that current day Veterans and Servicemembers receive.

I encourage participants to pay it forward for the next generation of Veterans and Servicemembers so that we can continue our support.

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Students Are Not Robots! Using Technology to Create Meaningful Communication

by Eric Chester ~

When I was a teenager growing up in the 70s, my father wanted me to get a much better education than the 10th grade education he had to settle for during the Great Depression.

To scare me into studying harder, Dad would tear out pages of the futuristic monthly magazine, Popular Science, and lay them on my bed to show me that computers would someday take over the world. And if I couldn’t use a computer, someday I would be replaced by one.

Dear old Dad was smarter than I thought back then. His prediction has become a reality; at least, for me it has.

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