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You have the perfect resume. It highlights your achievements and shows why they matter. It doesn’t have any typos or grammatical errors. You may have even brought it to a resume workshop at your local WorkForce center or library to make sure that it follows the do’s and don’ts and takes advantage of advice from an expert.

Your next step – you need to make the most of it by getting it in front of employers.

Get Your Resume Online

resume checklistConsider uploading your resume to a job bank or professional networking site as part of your job search plan. You can then use it both to apply for jobs online and to enable employers and recruiters to preview and share it when they’re searching for qualified candidates.

Below are a couple of options for making your resume available online.

    This online job bank from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) is used by thousands of Minnesota employers. Once you create an account you can upload your resume, use it when you search and apply for jobs, and set up automatic job search notifications to be sent to your e-mail account. If you are new to you can browse through DEED’s Tutorials for Job Seekers to get started. The help video Creating a New Resume by Uploading Your Existing Resume will show you how to upload your resume to
  • LinkedIn
    If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet you’re missing an essential way to connect with employers. LinkedIn is a professional networking site. While you can search for jobs on LinkedIn, you will also use it to stay connected to your professional network. LinkedIn offers potential employers a way to see you in the context of your network. It also allows you to join and participate in professional groups in your industry.

If you’re just getting started on LinkedIn you can import information from your resume to help create your portfolio. Once you start to apply for jobs on LinkedIn you can upload and attach your resume to your application. This allows job posters to share your resume with others within their company.

Find more information about how to use job websites, including links to industry specific and national websites.

Attend a Job Fair

Attending a job fair gives you the opportunity to put your resume directly in the hands of employers and recruiters. Job fairs also help you gain valuable experience talking to employers.

Make sure you prepare before the job fair:

  • check to see if registration is required
  • dress professionally
  • bring several copies of your resume
  • prepare a list of questions for employers

Find a job fairs near you or look for more tips on how to attend job fairs.

Joy Brown is the Webmaster for ISEEK.

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