by Cathy Rajtar ~

Would you like to apply for a job with the State of Minnesota? The state government is the largest employer in Minnesota, employing more than 50,000 employees. State jobs are known to offer good benefits and challenging work.

The State employs people of all skill levels in every type of position you can think of – including custodians, zoologists, professors, accountants, computer programmers, social workers, project managers, chefs, and many other types of careers. Government employees work full time and part time in offices, parks, laboratories, universities and other work settings across Minnesota.

Job openings for all State of Minnesota agencies, boards, commissions, and colleges are posted on How you apply for jobs on this site will change soon. Minnesota Management and Budget, the agency that administers the job posting website announced that will launch an improved online application system on December 8, 2015.

Career Fair

If you have used the website in the past, you are encouraged to log on to the site now and save your resume elsewhere so that you can upload it to the new system after December 8.

To retrieve your most recent resume:

  1.  Log in to the current job application system using your username and password.
  2. Click “Resume Builder” from the top navigation menu.
  3. Next, click “View Submitted Resume.”
  4. Save your resume as a Word document or PDF to allow for easy upload to your profile in the new system starting on December 8, 2015.

What Will Change?

After December 8, the application process will be different for State of Minnesota employees looking for a different position than for external job seekers who do not currently work for the State.

 Current State of Minnesota Employees

The website states “the biggest change for state employees is that you will access the system through Self Service. Signing on through Self Service allows you to avoid going through the applicant registration process on Current state employees will also have access to jobs open only to state employees.

Go to and click the “Current Employees” tab to learn more about the new system, including:

  • You can upload a unique and tailored resume for each job and the system will retain the original format of your resume.
  • You may have to answer screening questions when you apply. These questions help determine how you meet the qualifications for the position.
  • You can set up job search agents to be notified of jobs that interest you.
  • You will have access to a “My Activities” page to view job postings, the status of jobs to which you have applied, status of applications which have not yet been submitted, and resumes and attachments used to apply for positions.

External Applicants

Minnesota Management and Budget says “the new system uses improved technology and will be more user friendly, greatly enhancing the job search and application experience.”

System features include:

 Upload unique and tailored resume for each job

  • An uploaded resume will automatically fill in portions of the application
  • Easily identify qualifications through screening questions
  • Sign up to receive notifications about new job openings

Paper Employment Applications

For those who need a paper employment application wheJob Applicationn applying for State of Minnesota jobs, they can fill out a Word or PDF version of an application and submit it with a paper copy of their resume.

If you are unable to access or complete the online or paper employment application because of a disability, www.mngov/careers has a People with Disabilities page to request an accommodation.

Looking Forward to Improvements

As someone who is an internal candidate and has applied for many State of Minnesota jobs online, I am glad that the State of Minnesota is finally upgrading their online job application process. It looks like the new system will better to highlight candidates’ skills and talents to help them advance in their careers with the State of Minnesota.

Photo Credits: Featured image courtesy of Dean Meyers under Creative Commons 2.0.
Career Fair 2009 at UIC courtesy of Jeremy Wilburn under Creative Commons 2.0.