Minnesota FutureWork is a collection of articles highlighting current trends and news that impacts industry, the economy, and careers. These articles originate from various media journals throughout the country.

What is Behind the Recent Increase in Labor Force Participation?
By Didem Tüzemen and Jonathan L. Willis
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
November 14, 2016

Companies Are in Short Supply of Cybersecurity Talent
By Xuyen Bowles
Newsfactor Business Report
December 5, 2016

Manufacturing jobs are returning to some places. But these jobs are different
By Ted Mellnik and Chris Alcantara
December 14, 2016
Washington Post

Attracting students to tech ed
By Rhonda Tracy
Community College Times
December 16, 2016

Temp workers, permanent effects: how temps changed the nature of the U.S. workforce
By Meredith Miller
Monthly Labor review
December 2016

How Minnesota’s community and technical colleges are responding to the rise of robots
By Ibrahim Hirsi
December 22, 2016

Trump’s Infrastructure Proposal Could Create 11 Million Jobs. Will the New Jobs Lead to Sustainable Careers?
By Anthony P. Carnevale and Nicole Smith
Georgetown Center for Education and the Workforce
January 2017