2 Years, 1 Occupation, and a Good Wage in the Northeast

by Eric White~


Community colleges have been making headlines recently with President Obama proposing free tuition for responsible students.

Even if that doesn’t happen, students will find that community colleges cost less than 4-year universities. Less credits will be required to graduate with a degree, and still lead to rewarding and well-paying jobs.

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Southeast MN Having Brighter Days

by Mark Schultz~

Southeast Minnesota has certainly seen its share of plights as a result the most recent recession.  An unemployment rate of 8.7% hit in March of 2009, with the highest annual unemployment rate of 7.6% recorded for that same year.  Luckily, the region saw a drop of its annual unemployment rate to 4.7% in 2013 with that November having the lowest at 2.8% since December of 2000.   Continue reading

A Shot in the Arm for a Career in Nursing

by Tim O’Neill~

It’s funny how my new job has given me a new perspective on my old job.  Prior to becoming a regional labor market analyst with DEED, I was employed as a surgical support specialist at a Twin Cities hospital.  While I love what I’m doing now, our data show that pursuing a career pathway to nursing would have been an excellent decision!

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Paper Manufacturing a Cut Above the Rest in Northeast MN

by Cameron Macht ~

Northeast Minnesota has the smallest number and concentration of manufacturing jobs in the state, but still has 8,905 jobs at 355 manufacturing establishments, accounting for 6.3% of total regional employment in 2013.

The Arrowhead has just 3% of the manufacturing jobs in the state, but has almost one-fourth of Minnesota’s employment in the Paper Manufacturing sector. With 2,321 jobs at 9 establishments, Paper Manufacturing is easily the largest sector in Northeast Minnesota, accounting for 23.6% of the 9,855 jobs in Paper Manufacturing statewide.

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Skilled Trades That Allow You to Travel

by Monica Gomez ~

You might think that finding a job that allows you the freedom to travel requires a four-year degree, or even a more advanced education. However, there is good news for those who are interested in working in a hands-on environment. Skilled-trades workers have a number of opportunities to travel for their job. And these jobs often do not require a degree.

Here are just some of the blue-collar jobs that allow you to travel for work.

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Paying it Forward to Our Veterans

by Gina Sobania ~

Over the last 11 years, I have been afforded the opportunity to present and interact with thousands of Veterans, Servicemembers and their families. I always start my presentations by stating that I have not served in the military, but that I am a proud daughter of a Vietnam Veteran.

I work weekends, evenings and even holidays because I am paying it forward for my Dad. He never received the welcome home, resources and supports that current day Veterans and Servicemembers receive.

I encourage participants to pay it forward for the next generation of Veterans and Servicemembers so that we can continue our support.

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