MN FutureWork Series Eighteen

Future of FinTech: Will the Banks Disappear? By Sudeshna Nepal and Sapan Agarwal February 20, 2017 In Finland, Kids Learn Computer Science Without Computers By Emily Deruy and Thomas Peter Reuters February 24, 2017 Careers and learning: Real time, all the time By Bill Pelster, Dani Johnson, Jen Stempel, Bernard van der Vyver Deloitte University Press February 28, 2017 … Continue reading MN FutureWork Series Eighteen

MN FutureWork Series Thirteen

Why China's cities will drive global growth By Chang Ka Mun and Jaana Remes September 7, 2016 Project Syndicate Growing Demand for Caregivers By Chloe Campbell Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development December 2016 A snapshot of Minnesota's teacher shortage: Where are all of the career and technical educators? By Erin Hinrichs Minn Post … Continue reading MN FutureWork Series Thirteen