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We blog about careers, the future job market, and higher education in Minnesota. We also try to keep on top of current trends and news that impacts students, job seekers, industry, and the economy.

In a new section we call Minnesota FutureWorks, our content curators scan the political, economical, technological, or social environment from various media journals throughout the country to bring you the latest news impacting workers. The goal is to provide perspective and context for better life planning and decision-making.

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YINGFAH THAO @yingfah_thao
Communications and Web Manager (Aspiring UX Unicorn)
Minnesota State

Director of Professional Development (aka career information broker)
Minnesota State

Our editors/authors may post on behalf of blog contributors, including their own work. Please contact Yingfah Thao if you have any questions about this blog or its contents.


MN FutureWork Content Curators

Bruce Steuernagel is a retired regional labor market analyst. After his retirement from Minnesota State, Bruce scans the internet for the latest trends and news that impact the industry, economy, students, job seekers, and career changers.

Daniel Wagner is a former Wisconsin Community Technical College Vice President and President. After his retirement from Minnesota State where he was a Director of Strategic Planning and Policy, Dan spends a portion of his time seeking out significant recent trends, research and policy papers and news that impacts education, industry, the economy, and careers.

Vic Ward is a former Senior Planner for the Metropolitan Council and Community Faculty for Metropolitan State University. Vic enjoys teaching, learning new things, and researching complex topics of his interest.

The Minnesota FutureWork Scanning Project comes out of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) department in the Academic and Student Affairs division at Minnesota State. These curated articles help the education community in Minnesota stay on top of trends impacting education and careers.

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