Smart Careers to Power the Nation

by Rachel Vilsack You’ve probably heard about smart phones, but do you know about “smart grid” technology? Essentially how we transmit and distribute electricity can be monitored and adjusted so that the distribution of energy can be most efficient. Smart grid technology also promotes the use of renewable energy sources. As utilities continue to evolve, … Continue reading Smart Careers to Power the Nation

Green Career Spotlight: Energy Engineer

by Lisa Thompson Ever wonder what it’s like to be an energy engineer? Energy engineers wear many hats and meet many different people. They figure out how to make buildings—corporate, manufacturing, government, schools—and processes more energy efficient.   Meet Tanuj Galati, senior energy engineer at Energy Management Solutions, Inc., as he describes his job and … Continue reading Green Career Spotlight: Energy Engineer

STEM-ing the Tide

by Lisa Thompson In past several years, you might have hard the buzz around encouraging students to pursue STEM disciplines in college. “STEM” simply stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Within these four broad categories are a diverse range of fields in agricultural, biological science, computer science, engineering, mathematics, physical science, and technology.   … Continue reading STEM-ing the Tide

Running With the Wind: Trends in the Wind Energy Industry

by Cameron Macht Recently, labor market analyst Kate Aitchison reviewed job vacancy survey findings in the biofuels and wind energy industries.  Today, Cameron Macht, labor market analyst for the Central and Southwest Minnesota region, takes a more in-depth look at trends that are driving employment growth in the wind energy industry—both statewide and in southwest … Continue reading Running With the Wind: Trends in the Wind Energy Industry