MN FutureWork Series Twenty-One

Looking ahead to Generation Z
By Prianka Srinivasan
January 23, 2017

The Next Big Glue-Collar Job is Coding
By Clive Thompson
February 8, 2017

Women in the labor force: a databook
BLS Reports: report 1065
April 2017

Why Some Cities and States Are Footing the Bill for Community College
By Ronald Brownstein
The Atlantic
April 20, 2017

Cutting back on remediation yields success
By Ellie Ashford
Community College Daily
April 26, 2017

Labor Shortage Squeezes Builders
By Peter Grant
May 6, 2017

Jobs For Americans: A Lesson From Germany
The Atlantic
May 10, 2017

MN FutureWork Series Twenty

Salesforce skills in high demand in 2017
By Sharon Florentine
February 13, 2017

Help wanted: Workers finally benefit as labor shortage expands
By Laurent Belsie
Christian Science Monitor
March 10, 2017

Jobless Futures?
Shaping Tomorrow
March 29, 2017

These students lack enough data to make informed choices about their major
By Jillian Berman
April 25, 2017

Top IT hiring trends for recent grads
By Sarah K. White
CIO Magazine
April 26, 2017

Shortage of Auto Mechanics Has Dealerships Taking Action
By Norman Mayersohn
New York Times
April 27, 2017

Theme 3: New credentialing systems will arise as self directed learning expands.
By Lee Rainie and Janna Anderson
Pew Research Center
May 3, 2017

MN FutureWork Series Nineteen

Uneven Opportunity: Exploring Employers’ Educational Preferences for Middle-Skills Jobs
Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank
January 25, 2017

Know Before You Hire: 2017 Employment Screening Trends
By Roy Maurer
January 25, 2017

Learning the Ropes
By Carrie Fink                                                                                                                                 Department of Employment and Economic Development
March 2017

Opportunities Abound for Those Studying Engineering
By Linda Marsa
US News and World Report
March 17, 2017

Teachers of color in high demand in Minnesota
By Anthony Lonetree
Minneapolis Star Tribune
March 18, 2017

Minnesota technology industry ranked 17th in nation
By Neal St. Anthony
Minneapolis Star Tribune
April 3, 2017

Former Interns Tell How They Landed a First Job
By Jeffrey J. Selingo
New York Times
April 7, 2017

MN FutureWork Series Eighteen

Future of FinTech: Will the Banks Disappear?
By Sudeshna Nepal and Sapan Agarwal
February 20, 2017

In Finland, Kids Learn Computer Science Without Computers
By Emily Deruy and Thomas Peter
February 24, 2017

Careers and learning: Real time, all the time
By Bill Pelster, Dani Johnson, Jen Stempel, Bernard van der Vyver
Deloitte University Press
February 28, 2017

Which job seekers are in hot demand? Bilingual workers.
By Katie Johnston
Boston Globe
March 13, 2017

Can AT&T Retrain 100,000 People?
By Aaron Pressman
March 13, 2017

3M becoming major player in worker safety sector
By Dee DePass
Minneapolis Star Tribune
March 18, 2017

New Research Highlights Solar Jobs Expansion in Local Communities Nationwide
By Avery Palmer
The Solar Foundation
March 28, 2017

Mn FutureWork Series Seventeen

If You Want a Cool Internship This Summer, You Should Do This Right Now
By Kaitlin Mulhere
January 19, 2017
Time Magazine

Colleges boost rural economies
By Ellie Ashford
January 31, 2017

JPMorgan Software Does in Seconds What Took Lawyers 360,000 Hours
By Hugh Son
February 28, 2017

How unfilled tech jobs impact the U.S. economy
By Sharon Florentine
CIO Magazine
March 1, 2017

Now hiring: Plants face skilled worker shortage
By Crystal Lindell
Food Engineering Magazine
March 8, 2017

Help wanted: Workers finally benefit as labor shortage expands
By Laurent Belsie
Christian Science Monitor
March 10, 2017

Training Students to Outpace Automation
By Emily DeRuy
The Atlantic
March 10, 2017

MN FutureWork Series Sixteen

U is for Ultrasound Technician
By Chloe Campbell
Minnesota Employment Review
January 2017

Paving the Way from a College Degree to a Good Job
By Valerie J. Calderon and Jeffrey M. Jones
The Gallup Blog
January 26, 201

Going Global? You Need Translators Who Know More Than Just Languages
By Ivan Widjaya
February 2, 2016

Shortage forces Twin Cities schools to find creative ways to hire teachers and keep them
By Anthony Lonetree and Beatrice Dupuy
Minneapolis Star Tribune
March 4, 2017

Career Advisory Board Reveals Growing Lack of Tech Preparedness for the American Workforce
By Anne Unger
DeVry University
March 6, 2017

Over and out? Pilot shortage threatens small airports
By Janet Moore
Minneapolis Star Tribune
March 11, 2017

Will Cheap Robots Prevent a Comeback in Jobs?
By Jennifer Alsever
March 14, 2017

MN FutureWork Series Fifteen

Tending to the Farm, Part 3: Technology Reshapes Agriculture
Atlanta Federal Reserve
January 12, 2017

The state of the IT contractor job market in 2017
By Bruce Harpham
CIO Magazine
January 18, 2017

Upwork reveals fastest-growing skills for Q4; natural language processing, other tech skills top the list
January 26, 2017

Who’s Going to Save American Jobs?
February 2, 2017

Safety in numbers
By Dennis Pierce
Community College Journal
February 6, 2017

An Economic Outlook
Presented by Patrick T. Harker, President and Chief Executive Officer
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
February 21, 2017

Minnesota High Tech Association launches new ground-breaking talent system that connects employers and candidates using cutting-edge recruiting technology
Minnesota High Tech Association
February 23, 2017

MN FutureWork Series Fourteen

We Need a New Deal Between Higher Education and Democratic Capitalism
By Anthony Carnevale
Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce
January 23, 2017

The best of the best U.S. jobs are tech, tech and tech, again
By Marco della Cava
January 24, 2017

Teen labor force participation before and after the Great Recession and beyond
BLS: Monthly Labor Review
February 2017

Career, technical teachers in short supply at Minnesota schools
By Solvejg Wastvedt
Minnesota Public Radio
February 7, 2017

The Building Code Profession Is Dying Out, and That’s a Problem
By Jake Blumgart
Atlantic City Lab
February 8, 2017

Recent college grads now more likely to have good jobs, opportunity
By Gail MarksJarvis
Chicago Tribune
February 26, 2017

Why Millions of Americans Never Finish College
By Michael Lawrence Collins and Joel Vargas
February 27, 2017
Atlantic City Lab

MN FutureWork Series Thirteen

Why China’s cities will drive global growth
By Chang Ka Mun and Jaana Remes
September 7, 2016
Project Syndicate

Growing Demand for Caregivers
By Chloe Campbell
Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
December 2016

A snapshot of Minnesota’s teacher shortage: Where are all of the career and technical educators?
By Erin Hinrichs
Minn Post
February 9, 2017

Why Apprenticeships Are Taking Off
By Lisa Rabasca Roepe
Atlantic City Lab
February 1, 2017

The Best Websites — And Strategies — For Finding An Internship In 2017
By Karsten Strauss
February 2, 2017

How to Outsmart the Robots and Hold On to Your Job
By Hannah Morgan
US News and World Report
February 22, 2017

Demand for Bilingual Workers More than Doubled in 5 years, New Report Shows Newswire
March 1, 2017

MN FutureWork Series Twelve

8 ways cities can prepare for the future of work
By Brooks Rainwater
December 2, 2016,

‘Women’s work’ jobs keep millions of women in poverty, report finds
By Stacey McFadin
Food Tank
December 27, 2016

Homeschool Boom: 5 Homeschooling Trends to Watch in 2017
By Daniel Cruz
Grand Canyon University
December 29, 2016

U.S. intelligence agencies envision the world in 2035
By Patrick Thibodeau
January 10, 2017

On the job, and up the ladder
By Ann Harrington
Minneapolis Federal Reserve
January 19, 2017

Will Your Next Job Be Piloting Drones?
By Tiffany Kelly
Atlantic City Lab
January 27, 2017

Manufacturing job losses, yes, but gains for trained Minnesota workers
By Lee Schafer
Minneapolis Star Tribune
February 18, 2017