Will I Make Enough Money?

The Cost of Living Tool from DEED estimates the “basic-needs” cost of living in Minnesota. This tool calculates the total annual cost of items like child care, food, health care, housing, transportation, and taxes. The calculation does not include savings, restaurant meals, or entertainment.

Are Skills Scarce?

by Alessia Leibert If 2012 saw the biggest increase in Minnesota job openings since 2005, not all opportunities led to job creation. Some employers faced difficulties filling vacant positions, while others were still reluctant to commit to hiring and preferred waiting for the ideal job candidate to come along. The apparent contradiction between the availability … Continue reading Are Skills Scarce?

Plane, Train or Automobile

by Amanda Rohrer Whether it’s transporting goods by boat, truck or railroad or passengers by plane or bus, transportation is an important industry sector in Minnesota.   Learn more about careers in transportation, distribution and logistics.  

Hiring Difficulties and Skills Mismatches in Minnesota

by Teri Fritsma When employers have difficulty filling positions, does it mean that there aren’t enough qualified people to take the position? Not always, says a new study on skills mismatches released by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. Sometimes there are skills mismatches, but sometimes the difficulties are the result of demand-side … Continue reading Hiring Difficulties and Skills Mismatches in Minnesota

How Many Jobs?

by Rachel Vilsack A frequent request I get is “how many jobs does the average person hold during their lifetime?” Whether the answer is intended to help youth realize the life-long career journey or coach mature workers on the impermanence of jobs, it’s a good question. Surprisingly, it always proves a little difficult to answer. … Continue reading How Many Jobs?