Better Data on High-School-to-College-Transitions with SLEDS

by Rachel Vilsak ~

How many students at public Minnesota high schools are prepared for postsecondary education? Do these students attend college? If so, do they complete a certificate or degree?

Data to answer questions such as these will play a key role in informing Minnesotans about how students are doing, and direct efforts to open up higher education opportunities for everyone.

The good news is, Minnesota has developed a data system to answer these questions. Continue reading

Creating a Career and Education Plan

by Tricia Dahlman ~

The career and education landscape is changing. Recent Minnesota legislation now requires all students starting in 9th grade to have a Personal Learning Plan.   10s08jc0086The plan should include these key elements:

  • academic scheduling
  • career exploration
  • career and employment-related skills
  • community partnerships
  • college access
  • all forms of postsecondary training
  • experiential learning opportunities

Most schools already address these areas in a variety of ways. The new legislation is an opportunity to formalize some activities or add new areas to what is already done. The creation of a plan will help engage students by recording what they learned about themselves and their future choices. Continue reading