Working Part-Time for Economic Reasons

by Amanda Rohrer Anecdote and evidence don’t always seem to agree when it comes to the unemployment rate and the economy. Although Minnesota’s unemployment rate has been declining consistently for the past two years, most people still have stories about friends, family, and neighbors who just can’t get a break. All the published unemployment rate … Continue reading Working Part-Time for Economic Reasons

Underemployment in Minnesota

by Teri Fritsma There's unemployment, and then there's underemployment.  Unemployment includes people who are out of work and are looking for work.  Underemployment includes a much larger group of people--those who don't necessarily fit the strict definition of being unemployed but are also not in the best of economic circumstances.     Underemployment includes:   Marginally attached workers--people who aren't working and … Continue reading Underemployment in Minnesota

Are You an Unemployed Minnesotan? Don’t Miss this New Site!

by Teri Fritsma If you're out of work, underemployed, or just looking for ways to tighten the belt, be sure to check out this brand new site:  Here's what Peggy Byrne, the site's developer (and an unemployed Minnesotan), says about it:   "The purpose of this site is to provide easy user-friendly access with direct linkages to information and services … Continue reading Are You an Unemployed Minnesotan? Don’t Miss this New Site!

Transitioning to a lower-paying job

by Teri Fritsma   Lately, we're hearing more stories about people who are moving from high-paying, high-prestige positions to much lower-paying jobs just to keep an income after a layoff.  Are you in this boat?     You might think that it would be easy to walk into that coffee shop or retail store and get a job.  (Who wouldn't want to … Continue reading Transitioning to a lower-paying job